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Rilis Legacy OS 2010

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Legacy OS merupakan nama baru distri yang sebelumnya dikenal dengan nama TEENpup Linux, sistem operasi berbasis Puppy untuk komputer tua. Versi 2010 telah dirilis:

Legacy OSAfter eight months of development I am proud to offer Legacy OS for download. This release marks the moving away of Legacy OS from a teenager distro to a distro whose sole purpose is to rescue 5- to 10-year old PCs and laptops from ending up in landfill. To do this it has to be usable in a real-world environment and provide compliance with current online standards. Legacy OS comes with Opera 10.10 web browser as default which is also the default email client. Some system files have been updated to allow the current version of Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Java 1.6 and other required plugins and codecs to operate in what in reality is a legacy operating system.

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