Rilis Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3 RC1

Robert Gabriel mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis pertama Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3, distribusi Linux berbasis Slackware untuk desktop:

Kongoni GNU/LinuxFinally I can release RC1 of Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3. Since alpha 2 a lot of things have changed, a lot of things got added and the same removed. First of all, the kernel was upgraded to version, of casino spiele course patched with Aufs and LZMA support for Squashfs 4. Removed Firefox and built and added Icecat 3.6.4, PIG was re-added, but also rebuilt and it comes with new icon theme, fully moved the git repository to and the build packages moved to SourceForge. Removed gtk-qt-engine and replaced it with kcm-gtk (gtk-qt-engine has some weird issues with Icecat/Firefox), added QtCurve package, flash-nonfree package (not installed by default), radeon-firmware (not installed by default), upgraded GParted to version 0.5.2….

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