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Rilis Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3 Alpha

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Robert Gabriel mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis alpha pertama Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3, distribusi Live CD berbasis Slackware dengan KDE 4, installer sistem grafis dan manajemen paket kustom:

Kongoni GNU/LinuxAfter several months of work, Kongoni 1.12.3, code name Cicero, is here. At the moment it is still in alpha stage, as there wasn’t any proper testing done to this new release, but with your help, I hope in a couple of months this new release will enter into the stable stage. This release was fully synchronized with Slackware ‘current’, which is actually Slackware 13.1-beta. All the package are updated to the latest possible version, there is a new system installer, called Kongoni System Installer (KSI), new kernel,, Squashfs 4 with LZMA support, Aufs 2, default kernel scheduler moved to BFS scheduler for a faster desktop, custom Linux-Live scripts to support Squashfs 4….

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