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Rilis Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3 Alpha 2

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Robert Gabriel mengumumkan rilis alpha kedua Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.3, distribusi berbasis Slackware Linux, siap untuk diunduh dan dites:

Kongoni GNU/LinuxIt took a while, but now the second alpha of Kongoni GNU/Linux is here. I’ve been working a lot to make sure that the installer (KSI) works right, taking into consideration that there were many issues with it. The main issue was the fact that you couldn’t install the system if there wasn’t any swap partition set up before, which had to be fixed. Besides working on KSI, we also moved up with the kernel and now Kongoni runs on 2.6.34. Of course you will find the same things built in, like Squashfs 4 with LZMA support, Aufs 2, Btrfs, Logfs, Nouveau and so on. Since the last release we have synchronized Kongoni with the stable version of Slackware 13.1.

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