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Rilis Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.2

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A. J. Venter mengumumkan ketersediaan Kongoni GNU/Linux 1.12.2, distribusi gratis GNU/Linux dari Arfika berbasis Slackware dengan inspirasi signifikan dari arsitektur BSD:

Kongoni GNU/LinuxIt is my pleasure to announce that Kongoni version 1.12.2, code-named Nietzsche, has been officially released. This marks the first official and stable release of the Kongoni GNU/Linux distribution after several development releases. The most significant Kongoni feature is its source-based software installation system (known as a ports tree), a feature that originated in the BSD UNIX world and remains a popular power-users tool on present-day BSD UNIXes, Apple’s Mac OS X and source based GNU/Linux distributions. Kongoni, however, is not a source-based distribution. The distribution itself is shipped as binaries which work out of the box. The ports tree is used only for installing additional software.

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