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Rilis Kahel OS 01-01-2010 “Light”

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Meric Mara telah mengumumkan rilis Kahel OS 01-01-2010, edisi “Light”, distribusi berbasis Arch Linux ini menyajikan desktop XFCE :

Today let us introduce to you Kahel OS ‘Light’ edition 01-01-2010, designed for netbooks with limited storage capacity. Just like the Kahel OS ‘Desktop’ edition, the ‘Light’ edition has 32- bit and 64-bit installers. What describes Kahel OS ‘Light’ edition 01-01-2010? Lightweight – the light desktop operates on Linux 2.6.32 and uses Xfce 4.6 which is suitable for PCs with low memory and resources; power-packed – the installer is compressed and the standard install is just 1.8 GB; SSD-friendly – Kahel OS ‘Light’ includes Btrfs and NILFS file systems; bundled with lightweight applications – includes Claws email client, Midori web browser, gThumb image viewer and organizer, and Exaile music player.

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi detail.

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