Rilis IPFire 2.7 Core 40

Jan Paul Tuecking mengumumkan rilis IPFire 2.7 Core 40, distribusi Linux spesialis untuk firewall dengan fokus pada kemudahan pemasangan, penanganan yang baik dan detail pada keamanana:

This is the day we release Core Update number 40 which includes the following changes: added a French web interface translation; updated strongSwan to 4.4.1, OpenVPN to 2.1.2, Snort to, Python to 2.7; updated drivers – Intel igb network driver 2.3.4, add Huawei Android usbids to option driver, compat-wireless version 2.6.35; changes on the outgoing firewall – re-added the mac filter, fixes on firewall groups; changes on the QoS module – fixed QoS device detection on connection type change, changed QoS port field length to be able to enter port ranges; added IPTV over ADSL (entertain) support (Germany); added DHCPd and dnsmasq configuration customization feature….

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