Rilis Incognito Live System 0.10

Versi 0.10 dari Incognito Live System (yang juga dikenal dengan nama TAILS) telah dirilis. Fitur-fitur baru pada distribusi Live CD berbasis Debian yang menyajikan perlindungan privasi lebih dari distro biasa:

Incognito Live SystemTor upgrade to; install Iceweasel 9.0 from the Debian Mozilla team’s APT repository; update Torbutton to; support viewing any YouTube video that is available in HTML 5 format; use Scroogle (any language) instead of Scroogle (English only) when booted in English; install the NoScript Firefox extension; disable third-party cookies, they can be used to track users, which is bad; do not transparently proxy outgoing Internet connections through Tor, instead drop all non-Torified Internet traffic; applications have to be explicitly configured to use Tor in order to reach the Internet; upgrade Vidalia to 0.2.15, this version will not warn about new Tor versions….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk daftar perubahan detail rilis ini.