Rilis Grml 2010.12

Michael Prokop mengumumkan rilis Grml 2010.12, distribusi live CD berbasis Debian dengan koleksi piranti lunak GNU/Linux terutama untuk administrator sistem:

GrmlGrml 2010.12, code name ‘Gebrueder’ is available. New features: new Linux kernel version based on; config-less X to take advantage of X.Org’s automatic configuration; support for Kernel Mode Setting (KMS); grml-rescueboot / loopback.cfg feature and grub-imageboot for ISO boot; initial release of Kantan, an automated testing suite for continuous integration and a test environment; incremental grml-rebuildfstab triggered by udev events for faster execution time; improved serial console on multiple devices; vnc_connect boot option allowing to connect to an existing listening VNC client….

Anda dapat membaca catatan rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut mengenai rilis ini.