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Rilis Greenie Linux 8.1M

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Stanislav Hoferek mengumumkan rilis Greenie Linux 8.1M, distribusi Linux yang berbasis Ubuntu yang mudah digunakan dan di pre konfigurasi untuk pengguna bahasa slovakia dan Ceko:

Greenie LinuxAnother version of Greenie Linux, an operating system prepared especially for Ubuntu lovers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, is here. Among the new features, a few applications were added to the Linux distribution (e.g. programs for manipulating PDF files, to see the temperature in console, and to download entire websites) and some useful programs for those who dual boot with Windows (e.g. software for CD/DVD burning and for reading ext4 partitions) were added to the DVD image. A few problems have been fixed, new wallpapers and documentation (especially about digital photography) added. The system is actualised with the newest software in the Ubuntu ‘Maverick’ branch.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis (sebagian besar dalam bahasa slovakia, dengan rangkuman dalam bahasa Inggris di akhir halaman).


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