Rilis Greenie Linux 7L

Stanislav Hoferek mengumumkan rilis Greenie Linux 7L, distribusi ramah pengguna yang berbasis Ubuntu yang didesain khususnya untuk pengguna bahasa Slovakia dan Swiss:

Greenie LinuxThe seventh major version of Greenie Linux, an Ubuntu derivative for (primarily) Slovak and Czech users, is available for free download. What is new? New logo, new versions of software applications (like current Ubuntu, but updated with all official updates), much simpler look with all Greenie-specific features added to the Applications menu, new and useful applications (PiTiVi, Ailurus, Tucan, Bluefish). Also, many dropped applications from Ubuntu (Pidgin, GIMP, Glchess) are included in Greenie. Improved Greenie center, more Bash aliases and many other improvements. Special thanks for Dušan Halický, who helped a lot with the new concept.

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis (dalam bahasa slovakia, geser kebawah untuk melihat ringkasan dalam bahasa Inggris).