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Rilis GoblinX 3.0 "G:Noblin"

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Flavio Pereira de Oliveira telah mengumumkan rilis GoblinX 3.0 “G:Noblin”, distribusi linux live CD berbasis Slackware live CD aplikasi-aplikasi GNOME dan GTK :

The GoblinX Project is proud to announce the release of the new stable G:Noblin distribution. G:Noblin is GoblinX GNOME. This edition is ideal for those users who prefer the GNOME desktop environment. The G:Noblin edition includes the latest packages of GNOME mobile casino 2.24 and several improvements and modifications in the core of the system. Some important changes are: several bugs and errors have been corrected, added Vuze and Java JRE, some duplicated applications were removed, and some interfaces were rebuilt to look better inside netbooks. Another major change is the release of a distribution without removing any files and locales.

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detil lebih jelas. Unduh (MD5): g.Noblin-3.0.iso (697MB).

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