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Rilis GeeXboX 2.0

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Benjamin Zores mengumumkan rilis GeeXboX 2.0, versi major baru distribusi Linux media center untuk device embedded dan komputer desktop:

GeeXboXAfter countless years of development, the 2.0 release of GeeXboX (code name ‘Love It or Shove It’) has landed. This new GeeXboX 2.0 is radically different from the 1.x series and, sorry to disappoint some of you, will not provide the same level of services. We are now doing much more things than we used to do with 1.x, but unfortunately a few things have to be left behind. But the GeeXboX philosophy remains the same and we still aim at targeting the most PCs and devices as possible, in as lightweight as possible a way. GeeXboX now also support many embedded devices running ARM SoCs and many more will be added in the months to come. These devices just make the perfect fanless, energy-efficient HTPC and GeeXboX just makes the perfect media center distribution for those.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih lanjut termasuk daftar lengkap fitur.

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