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Rilis GeeXboX 2.0 Alpha 1

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Versi alpha pertama GeeXboX 2.0, distribusi Linux LiveCD untuk home theater atau media center, telah dirlis:

GeeXboXThis has been announced for years but we’re finally stepping forward to the so long awaited 2.0 release of GeeXboX. Today, we’re proud to let you have a first try at this new version, based on the Enna Media Center application that we have developed. Enna is a standalone application that one can use on any Linux distribution that replaces the old and dying MPlayer OSD interface we’ve been using for so long. The GeeXboX distribution you all know about will then become the Enna Live-CD project, but with all optimizations, configuration and tweakings that one may be able to do on his regular computer. New features that have been added or enabled by default: the proprietary NVIDIA video driver has been integrated; the VDPAU hardware decoding engine has been integrated; for non-NVIDIA users, the multi-threaded decoding feature now has been enabled by default…

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini.

Unduh MD5:

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