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Rilis Fuduntu 2012.1

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Andrew Wyatt mengumumkan rilis Fuduntu 2012.1, sebuah update kuartalan untuk distribusi yang melakukan forking dari Fedora tahun lalu:

Fuduntu The Fuduntu quarterly installation ISO image (2012.1) is now available for immediate download. This release marks a shift in release numbering. Going forward, Fuduntu releases will be numbered as follows: Year.Release. As we are a rolling release distribution with quarterly snapshots, you should expect four roll-up releases this year. We do not define a specific release date, we release when we believe it is ready which may happen at any time after the beginning of each quarter. Package updates in this release: Linux Kernel 3.1.6, Chromium 16, Adobe Flash Player Many new packages are available in the repository including Xfce 4.8, LibreOffice 3.4.3, and Firefox and Thunderbird 9.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk deskripsi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini.

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