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Rilis Frugalware Linux 1.4 RC1

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Miklós Vajna mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat Rilis pertama Frugalware Linux 1.4, distribusi generik independen yang dikembangkan untuk pengguna Linux menengah dan lanjutan:

Frugalware LinuxThe Frugalware developer team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Frugalware 1.4rc1, the first candidate of the upcoming 1.4 stable release. Here are some of the major improvements, fixes and updates since 1.4pre2: package updates – Linux kernel, Mozilla Firefox 3.6.13, Chromium 10.0.616.0, Midnight Commander 4.7.5. New features: new LCD font rendering available in GNOME, if you use digital video output, this will improve font appearance; OSSv4 has been added, feel free to try it out if you have issues with ALSA; systemd is now available as an alternative of SysVInit (see its wiki page for more info).

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman Rilis untuk informasi detail mengenai Rilis ini.


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