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Rilis FreeBSD 9.0-RC3

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Ken Smith mengumumkan ketersediaan kandidat rilis ketiga FreeBSD 9.0:

FreeBSDThe third and what should be final release candidate build for the 9.0-RELEASE release cycle is now available. This should be the last of the test builds. We hope to begin the final release builds in about a week. The 9.0-RELEASE cycle will be tracked here. The location of the FTP install tree and ISO images is the same as it has been for BETA2, BETA3, RC1 and RC2. The layout to a large degree is being dictated by the new build infrastructure and installer. But it’s not particularly well-suited to humans so I’ve added a shorter pathway to the ISO images. Unless there are lots of complaints about the layout we’ll stick with this for the release.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih detail dan catatan untuk upgrade dari rilis sebelumnya.


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