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Rilis Finnix 93.0

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Ryan Finnie merilis Finnix 93.0, CD distribusi linux kecil yang diperuntukkan untuk administrator sistem dan diracik dari cabang Debian testing: “Finnix 93.0 released. It is a maintenance release, but due to the length of time between Finnix 92.1 and 93.0, the time between Debian upstream updates warranted a major version number bump. New features include Linux kernel 2.6.30, and updated upstream software. Vitals: Linux 2.6.30 (based on Debian 2.6.30-5), Debian testing (2009-08-08). Changes: dist-upgrade; upgraded Memtest86+ to 2.11; re-ordered main menu (x86); several fixes related to Debian and Linux kernel upgrades; removed: EVMS (unmaintained upstream, obsolete, low penetration), unionfs-tools (incompatible with current Unionfs), cramfsprogs (not used by Finnix, low need outside Finnix), ftp (use lftp instead).” Anda bisa membaca Pengumuman Rilis dan Catatan Rilis Untuk Informasi lebih lanjut. Unduh (MD5): finnix-93.0.iso (121MB), finnix-ppc-93.0.iso (132MB).

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