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Rilis Fedora 14 Beta

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Dennis Gilmore mengumumkan ketersediaan Fedora 14 beta, build pengembangan terakhir sebelum rilis final yang direncanakan awal November:

FedoraThe beta release is the last important milestone of Fedora 14; only critical bug fixes will be pushed as updates leading up to the general release in early November. Features: the Spice framework for providing a virtual desktop infrastructure; extended utilities for remote or powered-off management of servers; updates in a wide variety of programming languages, including D programming language support and Rakudo Star, an early implementation of the Perl 6 specification; alternative environments like Sugar and software from the MeeGo project; the next-generation systemd management for faster start-up….

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis.

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