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Rilis ExTiX 9

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Arne Exton mengumumkan rilis ExTiX 9, distribusi desktop berbasis Ubuntu yang didesain untuk komputer 64-but dengan GNOME Shel dan Razor-qt sebagai lingkungan desktop yang dibawa plus kernel Linux stabil terbaru:

ExTiXExTiX 9 x64 is a remastered build of Ubuntu 11.10. The original system includes the Unity desktop with GNOME 3.2. In ExTiX 9, I have installed GNOME Shell and Razor-qt so that everyone can compare the two desktop environments. I have replaced the original kernel 3.0.0-14-generic with ‘my’ kernel 3.1.6-extix. Why? Support for many different kinds of hardware has been added in the latest stable kernel. So if you have acquired new hardware which is not supported in Ubuntu 11.10 and/or Linux systems based on Ubuntu 11.10 it might be worth testing ExTiX 9. There is, among other things, support for brand-new USB devices, like printers and cameras.

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