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Rilis eBox Platform 1.4-2

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José Antonio Calvo mengumumkan rilis eBox Platform 1.4-2, distribusi untuk server berbasis Ubuntu yang membidik pengguna bisnis kecil dan menengah:

eBox PlatformWe’ve done a lot of bug-fixing and small improvements since the last 1.4-1 release. All those enhancements have now been included in a new installer. Here is a summary of the most relevant changes: DNS – added support for internal networks allowed to recourse the caching server; Ebackup – improvements on frequency and keep options, added backup and restore of logs, added restore configuration from backup action; Egroupware – now works properly in a master-slave scenario; firewall – new firewall table containing rules added by eBox services; network – failover test are more robust now; Samba – allow guest shares; Squid – new bandwidth throttling support with delay pools….

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis untuk daftar lengkap perbaikan pada rilis ini.


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