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Rilis Easy Peasy 1.5

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easypeasyJon Ramvi Mengumumkan rilis Easy Peasy 1.5, distribusi linux berbasis ubuntu ini didesain untuk netbooks ini menampilkan antarmua Ubuntu Netbook Remix:

Easy Peasy one-point-five (or as I would say it: en-komma-fem) is finished, and it finished up real good. We’ve taken our time to iron out bugs and put in new features to again give the netbook community a great Linux distribution. New in Easy Peasy 1.5: a new, green visual look; awesome Linux kernel (2.6.30) optimized for netbooks with faster start-up built; support for more netbooks; upgraded software (Google Picasa, OpenOffice.org 3.1); built off Ubuntu 9.04; smaller hard drive footprint; uses the new ext4 file system as default; UXA by default – the first distro to deliver real composite desktop which means it’s possible to run 3D in 3D (i.e. the netbook interface and desktop effects); Banshee as default music player instead of Songbird….

” Anda bisa membaca info lengkap dari pengumuman rilis. Unduh: easypeasy-1.5.img.iso (826MB), easypeasy-1.5.iso (817MB).

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