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Rilis Dreamlinux 4.0 Beta 6

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Nelson Silveira mengumumkan ketersediaan build beta keenam Dreamlinux 4.0, distribusi Linux berbasis Debian yang menampilkan desktop Xfce:

DreamlinuxTeam Dreamlinux is proud to announce that the next beta of Dreamlinux is now available. This brings DL 4.0 to Beta 6, along with these features: Linux kernel 2.6.34; Xfce 4.6.2 desktop environment; OpenOffice.org Writer, Calc, Impress and Draw; Firefox 3.6.3; SMPlayer 0.6.9 compiled with Qt 4.6.2; ePDFViewer 0.1.7; GIMP 2.6.8, splash screen theme by André Felipe; Orage Time Manager 4.6.1; Notes 1.7.6 by Xfce project; Brasero CD/DVD burning tool 2.30.1; Synaptic package manager; Xfmixer; Geeqie image manipulation manager; gPhoto photo manager; Geany text and programmer’s Editor 0.18.1; pyNeighborhood SMB/CIFS browsing tool 0.5.0; Thunar file manager 1.0.2; NetworkManager 0.8 wired and wireless Internet connection manager; Blueman 1.21 Bluetooth connection manager; Deluge 1.2.3 peer-to-peer file sharing program….

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