Rilis Dragora GNU/Linux 2.0 RC2

Matias Fonzo mengumumkan ketersediaan release candidate kedua dari Dragora GNU/Linux 2.0, distribusi independent, tanpa tujuan spesifik yang berisi hanya free software:

I am pleased to announce the release candidate 2 of Dragora GNU/Linux 2.0. Dragora is a powerful and reliable GNU/Linux distribution created from scratch with the intention of providing a stable, multi-platform and multi-purpose operating system. Built with 100% free software. In this version many programs have been upgraded, including the Linux-libre kernel, GCC 4.4.3, Binutils 2.20.1, Bash 4.1.2 and more. The major changes are: the implementation of LVM2/RAID devices, added Python 2.6.5, git + security updates, bug fixes with code correction for the init system and the package system.

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