Rilis DragonFly BSD 2.6

DragonFly BSD 2.6 telah dirilis dan siap untuk digunakan. distribusi BSD yang merupakan fork dari 4.4 BSD ini tersedia baik untuk arsitektur 32-bit maupun 64-bit.

The DragonFly 2.6 release is here!

Three release options are now available for 32-bit: Our bare-bones CD ISO, a bare-bones bootable USB disk-key image (minimum 1G USB stick needed), and a GUI bootable USB disk-key image with a full X environment. The GUI USB image replaces the DVD ISO image we had in the previous release, to work around issues with DVDs simply being too slow to boot an X environment from.

Two release options are available for 64-bit: Our bare-bones CD ISO and our bare-bones bootable USB disk-key image. The 64-bit release is now fully supported.

Currently the gui disk-key image is not yet available due to some late issues with pkgsrc. It will be put up as soon as the issues are resolved.

Untuk Informasi lebih detail anda bisa membaca Catatan Rilis. DragonFly BSD 2.6 dapat diunduh dari Cermin terdekat.