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Rilis DoudouLinux 1.1

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DouDouLinux 1.1, update dari distribusi berbasis Debian yang didesain untuk digunakan anak-anak telah dirilis:

DoudouLinuxAfter three months of intensive work, we are very pleased to announce that our first update of DoudouLinux ‘Gondwana’, version 1.1, is now out! Thanks to the involvement of many new contributors, it is available in 25 officially supported languages, instead of 15 previously. The 10 new languages are Czech, Danish, German, Hungarian, Latvian, Malay, Norwegian (Bokmål), Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal) and Telugu. This release also brings minor fixes and a new tool to easily set the user name on the local network for Empathy, the instant messaging application. Other changes: Songwrite is now in its latest version to solve language issues; translation issues with Stopmotion and Vkeybd (the piano keyboard) have been solved….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis dan catatan rilis untuk informasi lebih detail.

Tautan cepat untuk mengunduh image CD berbahasa inggris :

image CD terpisah yang mendukung 25 bahasa lainnya tersedia di halaman unduhan

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