Rilis DesktopBSD 1.7

Peter Hofer mengumumkan rilis DesktopBSD 1.7, Sistem Operasi berorientasi desktop berbasis FreeBSD 7.2 dan dengan KDE 3.5.10 sebagai desktop default :

I am glad to announce the immediate availability of DesktopBSD 1.7. This new release comes with FreeBSD 7.2-RELEASE as base system and KDE 3.5.10 as desktop environment and includes a large number of pre-installed applications. The easy-to-use graphical installer and utilities allow for a simple installation and configuration process. Notable changes include: 3.1.1 as feature-rich office suite; pre-installed Java SE 6 environment; X.Org release 7.4 with extensive graphics hardware support; large number of enhancements and fixes.

Menurut pengumuman rilis ini merupakan rilis terakhir proyek ini. unduh (SHA256) DVD live installable dari sini : DesktopBSD-1.7-i386.iso (1,853MB), DesktopBSD-1.7-amd64.iso (1,919MB).