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Rilis CTKArch 0.7

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CTKArch adalah distribusi linux minimalis berbasis Arch Linux dalam bentuk live CD, dengan opsi instalasi ke harddisk yang menawarkan window manager Openbox. Versi 0.7 yang merupakan update terbaru distro ini telah dirilis:

CTKArchCTKArch 0.7 released. It took some time because I’ve implemented something quite interesting: the possibility of turning your live CD into a ‘nomad installation’, by saving all system changes to the persistent data partition. The script for add-on creation and the installer have required quite big changes to support this and the add-ons without conflicts. Read the documentation, it’s full of interesting info! If you have already installed 0.7 with the RC1 ISO image, don’t even think of reinstalling – it will give the same result on your hard disk. However, you will certainly want to update the live image on your Flash memory stick or CD/DVD-RW.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis dalam bahasa Inggris dan Perancis untuk mengetahui informasi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini.

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