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Rilis Clonezilla Live 1.2.6-59

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Steven Shiau mengumumkan Rilis Clonezilla Live 1.2.6-59, versi stabil terbaru dari distribusi Live CD spesialis yang berisi utility open source untuk kloning disk :

Clonezilla LiveThis release of Clonezilla live includes major enhancements, changes and bug fixes. Major enhancements and changes: the underlying GNU/Linux operating system was upgraded, this release is based on the Debian ‘Sid’ repository (as of 2011-01-13); Linux kernel was updated to 2.6.32-30; live-boot was updated to 2.0.14-1 and live-config was updated to 2.0.14-1; language files were updated; option ‘-q1’ (force to use dd) was added as an option in expert mode for device to device clone, this could be useful if you want to clone an encrypted partition; another example custom-ocs-2 was added, it can be used to save and restore dual-boot systems….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman Rilis untuk daftar lengkap perubahan dan perbaikan bug.

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