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Rilis Clonezilla Live 1.2.2-26

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Steven Shiau mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis stable pertama Clonezilla Live, distribusi Live CD berbasis Debian> berisi piranti lunak untuk mempartisi disk dan kloning disk Clonezilla:

Clonezilla LiveClonezilla Live 1.2.2-26 (stable) has been released. This release adds a newer kernel 2.6.30 from backports at undebian.org, a new upstream syslinux 3.82, a newer Partclone 0.1.1, and genisoimage instead of mkisofs. A workaround to avoid using Partclone to save FAT file systems has been added. The smartmontools package has been added. The makeboot.sh script has been improved to allow USB devices /dev/ub[a-z]. A ‘–rescue’ option has been added in ocs-onthefly for Partclone. Some bugs were fixed.

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