Rilis ClearOS 5.2 RC1

Kandidat rilis pertama ClearOS 5.2, distribusi spesialis jaringan dan server gateway internet yang didesain untuk organisasi kecil dan lingkungan terdistribusi telah dirilis dan siap untuk dites:

ClearOSThe first release candidate for ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 is now available. All the major features have been implemented and upgrades from ClarkConnect 4.x and later are now supported. The major changes since beta 2 include: fixed time zone handling; fixed intrusion detection configuration handling; fixed roaming profile permissions; updated the protocol filter / l7-filter. There are still a dozen of bugs that need to be squashed before the final release. We also need to finish some experimental features that will be released in ClearOS 6.x. The final release is just around the corner.

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis dan catatan rilis untuk daftar lengkap fitur baru dan detail lain pada rilis ini.