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Rilis ClearOS 5.2 Beta 2

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Rilis beta kedia ClearOS 5.2, distribusi spesialis untuk router dan gateway internet serta server skala kecil. Menyertakan dukungan untuk file system terenkripsi pada device software RAID dan jalur upgrade dari ClarkConnect 5.0:

ClearOSThe ClearOS Enterprise 5.2 Beta 2 release is here. The big news with this release is the available upgrade path from ClarkConnect 5.0. Please keep in mind that this is still a beta, so proceed with the usual caution. Other changes since 5.2 Beta 1 include: fixed Samba winadmin password reset; fixed mail aliases page; fixed help links; optimized LDAP; added support for encrypted file systems on software RAID devices. In addition, the release provides improved integration with third party mail services, notably Google Apps and Zarafa.

Untuk informasi lebih detail, anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis dan catatan rilis.


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