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Rilis ClarkConnect 5.0

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Point Clark Networks mengumumkan ketersediaan edisi komunitas ClarkConnect 5.0, distribusi spesialis untuk router, gateway dan firewall berbasis CentOS:

ClearOSHighlights include: upgrade to CentOS 5.x; complete LDAP integration; protocol filtering; improved bandwidth management; mail quarantine; improved
Windows integration (roaming profiles, recycle bin support, file auditing). Version 5.x supports upgrades from ClarkConnect 4.x and later. Upgrades from earlier versions are not supported. When you run the ClarkConnect installer, make sure you select the upgrade option. The 5.0 release is a major operating system upgrade, so it is not possible to perform the upgrade on a live system. In addition, users who have installed third party software packages or used the command-line apt-get
tool to install software should also run the following command: yum upgrade. Known Issues: blank screens on first boot with some types of hardware; localization is incomplete.

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