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Rilis Chakra GNU/Linux 0.4 Alpha 1

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Phil Miller mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis alpha pertama Chakra GNU/Linux 0.4, distribusi berbasis ArchLinux yang ditujukan untuk penggunaan desktop, menawarkan rilis beta pertama KDE 4.6:

Chakra GNU/LinuxThe Chakra development team is proud to announce the availability of ‘Cyrus’ Alpha 1 (0.3.40). This image is for testing the brand-new KDE 4.6 Beta 1 build and finding first bugs in our testing repositories. We rebuilt the kernel to be more Arch-like in the kernel configuration. This might solve lots of issues some users have. Good news about CCR, our community repository: you can find over 332 packages added by our users. Getting GIMP into Chakra you can use CBS – the bundle system we created exclusively for Chakra. Build notes: Linux kernel; both legacy NVIDIA drivers got updated to support X.Org 1.9….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk daftar lengkap catatan build.


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