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Rilis Chakra GNU/Linux 0.3 Beta 1

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Phil Miller mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis beta pertama Chakra GNU/Linux 0.3, distribusi berbasis Arch-Linux dalam bentuk live CD dengan desktop KDE:

Chakra GNU/LinuxThe Chakra development team is proud to announce the first beta release of ‘Ashoc’, our next best thing! This time it comes with a bang: NEDA. Over 15 different resolutions got added to this brand-new theme by Roozbeh Shafiee. We also fixed X.Org 1.8 integration and glibc locales, plus updated some packages from our toolchain to get rid of even more bugs we had in the system. Good news about CCR, our community repository – you can find over 240 packages added by our users. Getting Gimp and Co into Chakra you can use CBS – the bundle system we created exclusively for Chakra. Features: Linux kernel with LZMA support, KDE SC 4.5.2, X.Org Server 1.8.2, ATI Catalyst 10.9 and NVIDIA 256 series.

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