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Rilis Chakra GNU/Linux 0.3.1

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Chakra GNU/Linux 0.3.1, distribusi berbasis Arch Linux yang menampilkan desktop KDE telah dirilis:

Chakra GNU/LinuxThe Chakra development team is proud to announce our first point-release of Chakra GNU/Linux 0.3, code-named ‘Ashoc’. We backported some fixes we did lately in our testing repositories. What changed: Linux kernel 2.6.36 series; Linux kernel 2.6.35 LTS series (optional); X.Org 7.5 stack with Mesa 7.7; X.Org Server 1.7.7; updated X.Org drivers; KDE SC 4.5.5; known bugs fixed in Tribe. For those who use UNetbootin to create USB media for install or choose automated settings for burn-speed to create a CD/DVD, your media will probably not work for a Chakra install, please follow this guide. For how to apply our xdelta patches read this one.

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