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Rilis Chakra Alpha 5

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Phil Miller mengumumkan rilis alpha kelima dari Chakra, distro Linux berbasis Arch-Linux dan live CD dengan versi terbaru dari desktop KDE, sudah tersedia untuk dicoba:

After lots of testing and rebuilds we are finally there. Chakra Alpha 5 ‘Panora’ left the building and is ready to get a new home on your boxes. We focused our efforts on two aspects. Tribe, our installer, now includes an easy and advanced mode to partition the target, also the installation speed has been much approved and supports lower screen resolutions. The usability of the Chakra live CD, we added support for some important features – print, and configure printers; complete management of optic drives; drop-down Konsole technology with Yakuake; management of dial-up modems and broadband USB 3g/HSDPA. Features: Linux kernel- with LZMA support, KDEmod 4.4.1, X.Org Server….

Untuk informasi lebih detail dan link ke panduan bagi pemula, anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis .

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