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Rilis CDLinux 0.9.6

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Ben Zhao mengumumkan rilis CDlinux 0.9.6, Live CD berukuran kecil yang menyajikan desktop Xfce, beberapa aplikasi desktop populer dan juga piranti administrasi sistem:

CDlinux 0.9.6 released. This release is a major upgrade. Almost all components are upgraded to their latest stable versions, like Linux kernel, X.Org Server 1.8.0, Mesa 7.8.1. Thanks to the open source ATI and Intel drivers, we now have fairly good 2D/3D support on almost all ATI and Intel chip-based video cards. PAE is also enabled in this release. As a result, we can support up to 64 GB of RAM now. While the downside is that you can’t run CDlinux 0.9.6 on older CPUs (5×86, K6, Pentium, etc.) any more, not even the Mini edition. Package upgrades: GTK+ 2.18.9, Qt 4.6.2, JRE 6u19, Firefox 3.6.3, Midnight Commander….

Anda bisa membaca pengumuman rilis dan catatan rilis untuk informasi lebih detail.


CDlinux-0.9.6_CE.iso (225MB, MD5)

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