Rilis Calculate Linux 11.0

Alexander Tratsevskiy mengumumkan rilis Calculate Linux 11.0, distribusi berbasis Gentoo untuk desktop dan server:

Calculate LinuxA new version of the Calculate Linux distribution has been released. Major changes: added binary repositories for Calculate Linux Desktop (CLD, CLDG and CLDX) and Calculate Directory Server (CDS) with rolling-release support; new minimalistic distro Calculate Scratch Server (CSS) is now available; more user-friendly interface; support for the combined storage of user profiles for different editions of Calculate Linux Desktop; better support for netbooks; added support for Canon printers; updated Portage to version 2.2….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis.

Tautan unduhan cepat untuk edisi desktop KDE(cld), GNOME (cldg) atau Xfce (cldx):