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Rilis Astaro Security Gateway 8.1 Beta

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Angelo Comazzetto mengumumkan ketersediaan rilis publik beta Astaro Security Gateway (ASG) 8.1, distribusi Linux spesialis untuk firewall dan gateway:

Astaro Security GatewayWith the success of the ASG 8.0 launch, we will begin today the open beta program for users which want to test the upcoming 8.1 release. The main focus of this version is to introduce wireless functionality of Astaro Access Points and WiFi controller into the V8 platform, along with other features and improvements. Feature details: RED Appliances now support a third operating mode – ‘Transparent / Split’, in this mode, the ASG is not responsible as the gateway for the remote network behind the RED device, instead, all traffic goes transparently through RED through the existing Internet connection at the branch. Various usability improvements: improved object tables; dashboard links; SMTP profiles redesign; streamlined interface setup; uplink balancing mixed mode; HTTP parent proxy routing….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detail mengenai rilis ini.


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