Rilis Astaro Security Gateway 8.0

Versi terbaru dari Astaro Security Gateway telah dirilis, datang dengan piranti administrasi berbasis web yang telah ditingkatkan dan juga fitur keamanan baru:

Astaro Security GatewayToday the next version of our flagship product is available; Astaro Security Gateway version 8.000 has been released. Highlights: updated WebAdmin – new colors, fonts, and visuals make WebAdmin more easily readable with crisper overall presentation; IPv6 – support has been added for the next iteration of IP addressing; new Linux kernel and base system – provides 64-bit support, massively increased hardware compatibility, and better performance; country blocking – deny communications to/from any combination of countries and/or regions; web application security – a new subscription has been added to our protection portfolio which protects your web servers from modern attacks, hackers, viruses and data theft….

Anda bisa membaca informasi lebih detail di pengumuman rilis untuk melihat daftar lengkap fitur baru dan peningkatan pada rilis ini.

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