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Rilis ArchBang Linux 2011.11

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Willensky Aristide mengumumkan rilis ArchBang Linux 2011.11, pengembagan update dari distribusi ringan berbasis Arch Linux dan menawarkan window manager ringan Openbox:

ArchBang LinuxArchBang 2011.11 is out in the wild. You don’t need it if you already have ArchBang Linux installed on your system. Changelog: PCManFM over Thunar file manager; Xcompmgr-dana over Xcompmgr; recent files pipe menu added; new key bind to read the upgraded DOC; progress bar while copying files; better font rendering; new look; smaller ISO image. Notes: you can always build Arch with Openbox from scratch by following this guide; if you don’t like the black and gray system tray icons, remove the following line in tint2rc – ‘systray_icon_asb = 100 -100 -25’.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut dan beberapa tangkapan layar.

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