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Rilis ArchBang Linux 2011.02

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Willensky Aristide mengumumkan rilis ArchBang Linux 2011.02, distribusi berbasis ArchLinux yang menampilkan window manager ringan Openbox:

ArchBang LinuxArchBang 2011.02 is out in the wild! New Linux kernel 2.6.37; Thunar properly configured; look changed a bit; base-devel added; documentation updated; from now on there will be no code name, the format will simply be ArchBang-YYYY.MM. If you have Symbiosis fully updated with everything working perfectly, you don’t need to get this release. Future releases of ArchBang will pretty much have the same set of applications (unless there is a new breathtaking application available). Note: Some people experienced random kernel panic with the new 2.6.37 because they forgot to blacklist some modules that normally had to be disabled for their Broadcom wireless card.

Anda dapat membaca detail di pengumuman rilis.

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