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Rilis Arch Linux 2009.08

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Dieter Plaetinck mengumumkan rilis kumpulan image CD instalasi baru untuk Arch Linux versi 2009.08: These images are built from a current snapshot of core, which includes Linux kernel, udev 141 and Pacman 3.3.0. Changes compared to 2009.02: more up-to-date software; usage of new AIF installer, which brings better disk editor with support for dm_crypt and LVM setups, support for automated installations using configuration files, a framework to build your own installation procedures, better date/time setting with NTP support, re-factored GRUB installation routines and usability improvements; Aufs instead of Unionfs; enhanced boot device detection on image start; bug fixes (XFS freeze, mirror setting, clock corrections, network settings). Baca Pengumuman Rilis dan Catatan Rilis untuk info detail. Unduh (MD5): archlinux-2009.08-core-i686.iso (344MB, torrent), archlinux-2009.08-core-x86_64.iso (664MB, torrent).

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