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Rilis aptosid 2011-03

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Distro yang pertama kali dirilis tahun 2012 ini adalah aptosid yang mengeluarkan versi terbarunya 2011-03:

aptosidWe now have the pleasure to announce the immediate availability of the final aptosid 2011-03 “Ponos” release. New features are in particular kernel 3.1 and numerous integration and stabilisation fixes. Special focus has been cast upon improving the system compatibility with new hardware platforms and various corner cases. Kernel 3.1 doesn”t only improve and stabilise hardware support for newer devices, it also improves latency and general system performance, particularly vastly improved I/O scheduling for LVM and MDADM on SSDs. Among the new features are initial Xen dom0 and PCI passthrough support as well as nested virtualization for KVM on Intel and AMD CPUs.

Anda dapat melihat detail untuk informasi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini.

Unduh (SHA256):

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