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Rilis Alpine Linux 2.1.4

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Jeff Bilyk mengumumkan Rilis Alpine Linux 2.1.4, sistem operasi yang dikembangkan oleh komunitas yang didesain untuk router, firewall, VPN, VoIP dan server:

Alpine LinuxWe are pleased to announce the Alpine Linux 2.1.4 release. This release includes an update to kernels. Hyper-V fixes have been applied to these kernels. Boot scripts have been updated so that if at least one network interface starts successfully, then services that depend on networking will be started. In previous releases (since Alpine 1.9.0) all network interfaces had to start successfully for this to happen. Also, BusyBox contains a fix for a long-standing bug that caused crontab files to mysteriously disappear.

Anda dapat membaca catatan Rilis untuk detail lebih lanjut dan instruksi upgrade.

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