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Rilis Absolute Linux 13.1.2

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Versi terbaru Absolute Linux, distro ringan berbasis Slackware dengan IceWM, datang dengan Google Chrome sebagai web browser default dan beberapa perbaikan sekuriti:

Absolute LinuxAbsolute Linux 13.1.2 released. Google Chrome replaces Mozilla Firefox as default browser. Lower memory usage, faster rendering and proper URL parsing all contributed to this decision. Firefox package is still up to date and in CD2 directory of repos under /internet. Also several security-related updates as well as multimedia installer update (needed updated URL) Also updated rox-archiver to handle DEB files (to unpack, not install). Note that Google Chrome is a native Absolute build with blacklisting of Gecko Media Player plugin removed. This means that the plugin works. It was blacklisted by Google coders due to crashing complaints, but I have tested it extensively and have not experienced these issues, so I’m watching videos.

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