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Rilis Absolute Linux 13.0.8

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Paul Sherman mengumumkan rilis Absolute Linux 13.0.8, distribusi ringan untuk desktop berbasis Slackware menampilkan window manager IceWM dan dukungan untuk memainkan file multimedia yang solid:

Absolute LinuxAbsolute Linux 13.0.8 released. Multimedia installer fix. Only a few packages changed, but the multimedia installer was not properly updated and this could lead to some confusion and lack of functionality for users who chose to install the media enhancements. Kernel bump – version and all January Slackware updates. Lots of updates to synchronize with Slackware -current and some multimedia scripts updated to keep pace with new kernel device nomenclature. It turned out a lot less painful than expected. Brasero (CD burning) is back, DVDStyler added. Aside from kernel, a lot of multimedia capabilities were updated and tweaked.

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