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Download ZevenOS 4.0

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Leszek Lesner mengumumkan rilis ZevenOS 4.0, distribusi berbasis Ubuntu yang menampilkan desktop Xfce dengan tema mirip BeOS:

ZevenOSThe ZevenOS team is proud to announce the release of ZevenOS 4.0. This version is based on Ubuntu 11.10 and has a bunch of new features and changes. The base system was updated to Linux kernel 3.0 which brings a bunch of new drivers as well as an improved implementation of the ext4 file system. Also the experimental Btrfs file system is now supported. Besides that ZevenOS 4.0 also has a lot of new stuff in the desktop area. The underlying Xfce desktop was updated to version 4.8 which adds network support for FTP, Samba, SSH, NFS to the Thunar file manager. Also new is a rewritten thumb-nailing system for the file manager which is faster and more efficient. Video editing has been made easier with OpenShot 1.4.

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk daftar lengkap fitur baru dan video preview.

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