Download Sabayon Linux 7 “Experimental”

Fabio Erculiani mengumumkan ketersediaan tiga edisi eksperimental Sabayon Linux 7, yang berisi desktop LXDE, Enlightenment 17 dan Awesome window manager:

Sabayon LinuxDirectly from our ‘Breaking Stuff’ department, three new Sabayon 7 releases have seen the light. These releases all go under the ‘Experimental’ umbrella: ‘LXDE’ is a minimal, CD-sized flavour geared towards low-end computers, shipping the LXDE desktop environment; ‘E17’ is a minimal, CD-sized flavour made for people wanting to showcase the magic of Enlightenment 17; ‘Awesome’ window manager flavour. Features: latest and greatest package updates from repositories; Linux kernel 3.1….

Anda dapat membaca pengumuman rilis untuk informasi lebih detail mengenai rilis ini.

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